An Simple Aircraft Game (By Sonichero14708)

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Hmm…I Know How To Make An Aircraft Game, But. Its Kinda Fun To Make It…Anyways!I Make Myself Some Music! With Mixcraft And FL Studio 20.[Here's The Music I Made!]Scorcher Steel (Mini Boss) [By Sonichero14708/Me]Levithan Space (Space Zone) [By Sonichero14708/Me]Sprites By: Sonichero14708Sounds On This GameThe Essential Retro Video Game Sound Effects Collection [512 sounds] By Juhani Junkala
[Mouse] – Movement.[Left Click] – Shoot[Esc/Escape] – Pause/Unpause (Only Not Windowed/Full Screen)Tip: How To RestartReload The Page To Play AgainDestroy The Hostile Spaceshooter!Lookout For His Minions!Try Not To Die Or Else!