The Child Sipote

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Everything has a beginning and an end. With your help you can guide the sipote between the dark torture jails to free our brothers who are captives for the dictatorship. Nicaragua needs you!, help to visualize their stories with the hashtag #prohibidoOlvidarlosThe Child Sipote is not any puzzle game, it is a crusade for the liberation of our Nicaraguan brothers who are held captive in jails being tortured by the tyranny of the Ortega Murillo dictatorship. Your voice shines in the silence of those who do not have it. Share your stories to the world, do not let them be forgotten.The vandalo game team, creators of Patria Libre, we bring you this unique game based on sokoban, but with a focus adapted to the context of the political and social situation that we Nicaraguans are currently going through. The initiative of the sipote is to motivate the gamers to make visible the stories of the political prisoners still unknown who have no voice.
Simple handling with keyboard directions and touch.