Let”s Approve

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Target users are people working in audio post production, who would like a less distracting way to take notes and pay attention. A simple tool to use during the approval process that's essentially a timer that starts on the hour, and can quickly log notes that can be reviewed when finished watching/listening. Timecodes are not frame accurate and may drift a second or so over longer periods of time.
After entering "New Session", set the picture start time by tapping or clicking on the Timecodes to adjust. Timecodes are logged upon tapping or clicking either DX (dialogue), Sfx (sound effects), or Music buttons.For more than logging a Timecode, you can press the Up arrow, Down arrow, or Edit buttons, to log a more specific note. Press the large "Back" button in the bottom left corner to return to the main screen.Choose "Finished" when you would like to review your notes. The Reset button clears the current notes logged.