Flippin” Out

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– This game was submitted for GMTKgame(jam); 2018 and was made in 48 hours. Play it in fullscreen at https://despediteerik.itch.io/flippinout -[k]Play Pinball, but without the flippers![/k]In this crazy game, you have six alterning ways to control the lane and earn points to get your pin-ball to absolute score-filled riches! Play with a Portal-making gun, a winged ball, a magnet that drives the ball from side to side, a paddle from Breakout and more, in your ultimate quest to get the highest score and be the best at Pinball! Can you beat this flipper-less frantic challenge?– CREDITS –Programming, Art – Erik Bianco Vera "DespediteErik"ATTRIBUTIONS for Music: https://github.com/despediteerik/flippinout/blob/master/credits.txt
Mouse & Left Click – Control (depends on the power-up)R – Restart Stage (use it if you ever get stuck)H – Delete High Score