Very Simple Inventory

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#Very Easy To Manage Inventory#Inventory in 20 Events. Inventories for construct 2 should not be so complicated but they are, I also could not find an inventory where items go from Game layer to UI Layer. so I created a very simple easy to manage Inventory in just 20 events and 7 Items. Instructions are in the inventory -Not that you'll need it- and support is available. You can basically just copy and paste the Inventory into your game with Ease. #Features#-Player Overlap item, On E Pressed – Item will be placed into available Slot-Add or delete slots with ease – no hassle-bag button to show or not show inventory-Slots work with or with background-Well commented .capx file-Support & Updates included!-Move windows-Drag and Drop Items
E To Pick up itemsDrag and Drop items when in SlotDrag and drop items out of slot – Will place under Player on Game Layout